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Beggars Belief
I haven't written here in, like, years. I signed up to the evil that is facebook and actually got back in touch with old friends. But that's weird to me, because I didn't feel that close to most of them in my final school days. Ho, hey - all's good, I guess. After all, people and circumstances change. Although I don't feel like I have that much.

My stepbrother, who buggered off to Australia about 2 years ago (I don't know for sure, I lose track of time) got in touch with my dad today. My dad has spent ages agonising over him and what to do about him. So today, a very, VERY sentimental card turns up in the post, going on about how dads make great friends etc etc and yes, it's lovely, but this guy hasn't made even a token effort to get in touch with dad in years. I think I just hate the way he does this every so often, how he turns the emotive taps on and dad goes a-crawling. I can't complain, though, as I don't really truly understand it, how it must feel for dad to have his own flesh-and-blood spend most of their time ignoring him because they were poisoned by their mother. It must feel wonderful when they do then get in touch, spilling their hearts out to him, finally. I guess that's what he's always secretly really wanted.

I'm not sure if many people still read this, either, but I wanted to come back, no matter what I was going to write (I didn't know at the time), because I remember all you guys quite fondly. Most of you are a part of my past. Kala (Zelly), I can't believe I missed it and you went and got married!! ARGH where HAVE I been?!?! Very many (belated) congrats. When I remember the conversations you and I used to have, this just makes me smile all the more. I always knew you'd find love. I still also hope to all hopes that Marilyn, if you're reading, that you are ok. Miss you, still, and I do think of you.

Now I feel a hypocrite from one paragraph to the next; going on about my stepbrother turning on the emotions with my dad, and then I go and do it in almost the next sentence. Bah, see? It's all about personal circumstances I guess. As I said, I don't understand it all properly.

I also want to add a random note - the song Madokara Mieru (instrumental) will always ALWAYS remind me of 2008 and the Olympics. It was played by the BBC to commend the British with their outstanding men's rowing gold. Heh, funny what springs to mind when you hear certain songs. (Only thought of this now because it just started to play in the background via iTunes).

Anyway, love to ya'll, those of you still reading. Hope you're all well.

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Long time seems to have passed since I last updated this thing it has to be said. That doesn't mean to say I don't come on here though and read about you guys and what you've been up to of late. Something I have been thinking of in an age, mind, and keep meaning to mention is that I seriously miss Marilyn. If you are reading this, hun, then I do really, truly hope that you're ok.

Not been up to a great deal of late, except for a couple of dates with a guy I used to work with. We hooked up again a few weeks back, after three years apart; all thanks to my ex boyfriend (he seriously has no idea what he's done!) and so far, have been out together twice. He's great company, makes me laugh and we get on famously together. So here's hoping it continues to go well *fingers crossed*.

Work is still pretty much the same as always. I have a fortnight off coming up very soon, though, and actually cannot wait. At this present moment, I feel completely shattered and could do with the break. I'm just generally worn out and feeling very blah. But one week left in work (6 days to be exact!) and I'm off. Watch out world!
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I think I must be the only person in the world who hasn't got a facebook or myspace page. I dunno, though, there's just something about putting myself out there so that certain people can "rediscover" me that just doesn't appeal. Don't know why, exactly, and I do think that perhaps that's got a lot more to do with my own personal insecurities than it has to do with them in any way...

So, Christmas was ok. I was sick, so it could have been better! I still tried my best to enjoy it, though (I simply adore Christmas) and so it wasn't a complete washout. It looked all too "convenient" for my work colleagues though, as I went sick at 0430hrs on Christmas Eve and returned to work for my nightshift on the 27th. Nevertheless, I'd already had Christmas day off anyway, so :p

Just looking forward (sort of) to the New Year, now. I'm off until the 2nd January (it's just the way my rest days fall!). I've got tomorrow all planned out - am off to the local supermarket to purchase nibbles and beer. LOTS of beer. (Actually, that's a lie. It will be spirits of sorts, as I hate beer). And I will then duly get inebriated for the next three days :D

I have just noted an oddity, too. The last time I updated my journal, "Clubbed to Death" was playing on my iPod... and it's playing again now O_o *shivers* That's just... weird... O_o

So on that note, I will retire for now. Hope you's is all ok's and stuff! Hope Christmas was a merry one, and, in case I don't return here beforehand (in a fit enough state at least) ...

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I just wasted five minutes of my life pointlessly trying to outbid someone on E-Bay, just because I didn't want the bastard to win over me. How sad is that?! In the end, I didn't actually want the item, I just didn't want them to have it either. *fumes* On that note, mind, I am presently winning. Probably because I entered in 50 dollars just to be a complete swine, and no other idiot is daft enough to pay more than that O_o

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Assaulting my ears: Last night - P.Diddy

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While I think of it, if there're any peeps out there with enough spare time and a creative buzz that would be interested in making me a snazzy Linkin Park icon for this 'ere journal then I'd be eternally grateful!
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Finally. Let there be war. Our assistant manager sees our boss, Judith, in the real light! And he wants to quit. This is a man who started off behaving just like her brother, who has even admitted he used to feel like her brother because they were that close. But in the two blissful weeks she's been away, he's discovered a lot more about her. Which sounds surprising. But I'm just guessing before, he was blinkered by his success and her stroking his ego. Because behind his back, she was checking up on him and getting her little friends to spy on him and report back to her in the time she was away. And he hates it. Thus he hates her. They already started battling it out yesterday, as most of us heard or heard of. But that's only the beginning. He (Nigel his name is btw), is off now for 8 whole days. But he's promised it's not over yet, there's still alot more left to say.

He's become quite close to myself and Simon, along with the other assistant, Peter, who's only been there a month. It's a case of them knowing who they can trust (we aren't the only ones. In fact, it's easier to list the people you CAN'T trust, the ones who are Judith's spies). So the next few weeks should be interesting. I'm gonna miss Nigel this week.

On to other things, I had my indicators pinched from my car the other day. The little ones beside the doors. The wires were hanging out and you could see where the little shit had gouged them out. They cost me £11. Which isn't a great amount of money, but it is, if you see what I mean. For a pair of small orange reflectors... It was obvious they were pinched for a reason - to put on someone else's vehicle. So my indicators are currently doing the rounds on someone else's Corsa. It's a vicious cycle, though. You get them nicked by someone who just want's to trash your car, so you nick someone else's to replace yours, that person then does the same to someone else, that someone else then does it to another someone else... and so on. No. No one can bear to fork out a mere £11. That's what pisses me off. I'm a decent person (or so I like to think) so I'll buy a pair instead. I'm the mug that loses out.

And all for a small pair of orange reflectors.

For fucks sake...

PS I need a swearbox BIGTIME. They're bad for it in work and it's catching, which isn't entirely their fault - I should be stronger and not stoop so low. But I've taken to using the most horrendous words. Even I hate myself. So swearbox me, people. I must quit swearing. Well. Cut down.
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ARGH!!! Squarg!!!! *faint*

My heart is pounding like a right drum this very moment. I think I might pass out. I'm going to MEET Linkin Park O_O Like, meet them. Argh. Ok so I'm not alone but wtf I'm going to meet them *dances round room like tit*

I had something else I came here to share. But I'm sorry. This one took me over.

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Woe betide the next person to cross me.

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I did it... I don't know HOW I did it, but I did it...

The picture lost a little something in the transition... It's become a little grainier due to resizing which is a major bitch, but I couldn't find any way to bypass that... if anyone has a tip for that, lemme know, because Legolas's face, although ok here, is far better in the real version, simply because you can see it better :p

Anyways... OH, left out the important thing... It's my journal layout... http://www.livejournal.com/users/dragonsfaith if you're interested...

It took about half an hour for me to do, but this is my first attempt and I'm happy with it :)

I love this picture. It's from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, lucky me...

If people would rather see the first version lemme know :)

<3 this picture...

<3 Orlando and Viggo...


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